TO CREATE PURE fresh juice, cold-pressed from the highest quality, local (when available) organic fruits and vegetables in a positive and culturally enriched environment whereby our customers and team relationships are our most valued asset.

TO CREATE SACRED workspaces whereby fellowship and communication exist solely to realign our mind, body and spirits; wherein the participation of the daily ritual to either drink juice, make juice or both provides a practice for excellence and develops our understanding of what it means to “work together”.

TO CREATE CULTURE of principle minded individuals who relate as a body of energy and have an affinity to seek out other true, authentic entities and beings that can count on each other for support in developing simple, healthful, joyful lives.

INTEGRITY - Integrity by our standards is simply doing what we say we will.  

SERVICE - Every new day we open our hearts and minds to share with you.

EDUCATION - By promoting individuals to learn what THEIR own bodies need daily.

PRESERVE - Our mind, body, soul, culture, arts, craft, humankind, our resources and more.

These principles nurture our community’s ACCOUNTABILITY to ourselves and each other.