We offer raw cold-press juices from fresh, pesticide free and organic fruits and vegetables. Our juice is pressed in house using a 24,000 lb. hydraulic press to unlock vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  This process retains the integrity of the nutrients and prolongs the shelf life allowing you to enjoy our juices for the next 3-4 days. 

We have 10 signature recipes mixed and bottled in glass bottles with love and care in house. Everyday we strive to have our full menu, but please remember they fly off our shelves, so if your miss your favorite we apologize in advance. The juices are highly perishable, so it is a first come, first serve basis to preserve a quality product. 

Thank you for your support.



Straight to your lips. 
Often times a customer comes into the shop and asks, “What’s pressed fresh today?”

Depending on the time we can provide them a few choices from our daily press. We want you know that our primary concern is when our produce is picked. We receive our local produce freshly picked and it goes straight to press within one to two days we are confident that our juice is seriously fresh and free from plastic leaching.

We are interested in a healing quality of food and it’s life force essence. So, while our press date is important it is secondary to the date when picked at the farm.




Hometown: Native of Eagle Rock, Lorraine was born and raised in the local areas of Echo Park, Silver Lake and Eagle Rock.

"I remember being a junior at Eagle Rock High School and just got my first car. I would pass by Daybreak Health Foods next door and think, "What is that place, I wonder what they sell?""  My diet at the time consisted of Pizza, Tommy's, pasta, pints of ice cream and other fast foods.  
Who would have thought 20 years later I would open up next door to that same shop, next to another Lauraine (different spelling), with a different kind of Health Product!”

The journey back to Eagle Rock was a long road. She attended San Francisco State University for Cinema Studies. Many thought it strange to move away from Hollywood to study film but Vontista has never done anything mainstream or that makes sense right away. She is a true experimentalist and besides, San Francisco beckoned her with its come as you are, artsy bohemian lifestyles. 

She discovered a whole new world of health and body on this urban island because of a systemic condition developed from food intolerance built up over the years. This condition sent her on a 10 year journey with Western and alternative doctors and other practitioners, coupled with several food programs, diets and self-explorative programs. With this research she arrived to the idea that the mind, body and spirit are not separate in the healing process, and from 1997-2007 San Francisco provided the perfect playground for her to research this process. 

In 2008, she embarked on a six week raw feast which included raw meals, smoothies and juices which she prepared all for herself. A month after the feasts she became pregnant with her first child, and felt the most alive in her life. She never had the ability to get pregnant. Although it was not her intention to become fertile (and rather only to heal and recover from the destruction she had subjected her body to from so many years of poor diet), she was baffled at the thought of having a baby when she never thought she would. Her natural approach to life had her think that if she wasn't meant to have a baby, then it was nature's way. 

Fortunately, that wasn't the case. She doesn't make any claims that juicing causes fertility, but she does believe that it can definitely provide an energetic, healthful body that a baby could possibly thrive in. 

Now she lives in Silverlake with her husband and two children, and wants nothing more than to learn and grow her family and Eagle Rock Juice Co. 

To share with Eagle Rock (and other like communities) a nutrient dense, local, fresh, food alternative; and hopefully… reach that teenage girl or boy driving around wondering what the hell cold press juice is, and what it can do. 

“Health like life is a process. My company teaches me to be patient and learn to wait calmly and peacefully for my mind, body and soul to settle and tell me what to do next. The juice clears the noise inside and helps keep me clear to listen.



1.    Drink 8.0 oz. of cold pressed juice.
2.    Let go of yesterday and create today.
3.    Exercise for 1 hour.
4.    Be Intentional.
5.    Contemplate freedom.
6.    Turn off all screens and take 30 min. for you.
7.    Be excited for someone else for 10 minutes about anything.
8.    Breathe and let go this time.
9.    Make and discover art around you.
10.    Drink 8.0 more oz. of cold pressed juice.

Thanks Eater LA for ranking us #3 in all of Los Angeles. 

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